Lena Pe Pålsson



Height: 168 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Hair colour Brown with blonde highlights.

Colour of eyes: Green

Languages: Swedish, (mother tongue) English (profficient) and German (basic), Danish (basic)

Welcome to my Homepage. My name is Lena Pe Pålsson and I am an actress. I have performed in several stage productions and short films, working sometimes as a supporting actress and in a leading role in others.
I have a showreel from the latest films I have acted in.

But, lets start from the beginning. I qualified firstly, as a teacher and worked as such for several years whilst taking singing lessons in my spare-time. During the nineties I was in a few opera performances.

I furthered my education by taking drama lessons between 1993 and 1996. I studied using the Stanislavskij Method of acting techniques. In 1996 my drama teacher , Richard P. Matthews, considered I was ripe to go forth into the world and compete with other professional actors and I was involved in several stage productions after that.

I have been involved in many short films since 1998 and here is a complete list of them:


1998 – Young Rebel (Ung Rebell), a drama

2014 – The Box (Lådan), a drama

2015 – Stolen Time (Stulen tid), a comedy

2016 – The Heist (Den sista stöten), a comedy

2017 – Ping Pong, a drama

2017 – To Work for Death (Att jobba för döden), a drama

2018 – Storsatsningen

2019 – Inte som dem

2019 – Perrong

2019 – Crossroad

2019 – Bekräfta mig

2020 – Sanningen

2022 – Krig & Fred

Selections of my work on stage:

A Medeley of Lena’s Songs

Music and Comedy, Theater South

Oh, How I Long for Summer, Theater South

Lena Sings Peps, Theater South

Lena Sings Ted, Theater South

Applaud Some More, Theater South

Love, Theater South

Your Clouds and You, The Three Penny Theater

Winnie the Poo, Nydala Theater

The Viking Games in Hög village, Kävlinge Council

Warm Fuzzies, The Three Penny Theater

Don Juan, Opera Semplice

The Merry Wives of Windsor, Opera Semplice

Parisian Life, Opera Semplice

The Magic Flute, Opera Semplice


Fluent in Swedish, Singing, Dancing, English, Danish, Running technique, Driving license.